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OnWatch Training


OnWatch™ is a survivor-led training designed to empower you to spot, report, and prevent sex trafficking where you live, work, and play. Through true survivor experiences, industry experts explain the key indicators of trafficking, as well as how you can support a survivor’s path to freedom.


National Make a Difference to Children Month: Strong Bonds, Safe Kids

July is National Make a Difference to Children Month. This is a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to support ...
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National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

“The silence was killing me,” J.Lynn writes in Wait For Me. “And that's all there ever was. Silence. It was ...
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City Profile: Human Trafficking in Washington, D.C

Human Trafficking Hits the News A local news outlet ran a headline December 2022, and caused an immediate stir. “2 ...
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Become a Guardian. Save Children. Get a T-Shirt!

Human trafficking is an evil, and it is easy to feel hopeless in the face of it. Sometimes it seems ...
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